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Why we host Farm Stays

Getting the Tipi ready for Guests

We have a peaceful cabin and a primitive tipi on our farm that we frequently host guests in. When you step foot onto The Wild Farm no matter what season there is a sense of peace, calm and beauty. Snowy fields and mountains in the winter. Daffodils and maple sap collecting in buckets in the spring. Stunning perennial gardens and fireflies in the summer. Breath taking foliage and abundant harvest in the fall. It is an honor to share our slice of heaven with all of our guests. It feels right to enjoy life and beauty together. It is our hope that our guests feel inspired, relaxed and invigorated with life when staying at the farm. That being here fills you up with dreams and peace. When leaving the farm we hope that you can take that energy with you and share it with your friends and family. A ripple effect into the world.


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