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Goat Meat

Raised on bottles of local organic dairy, Organic hay, Foraging walks through the forest and the most delicious water from snow melt, rain, and springs. Raising theses babies has been a huge joy for our lives. From willingness of hard work, dedication, and a whole lotta love we are able to offer to you delicious sustainably raised goat meet.

We are selling our meat by the whole goat $12.99 /lb hanging weight. We are offering Custom cuts processed at Mureta's Meat Processing and Smokehouse in Northfield Vermont. I will be delivering them to be butchered on October 7th 2023. Your meat will be ready for pick up within a week. Please fill out a Cut Sheet and email it to Once your goat is in the butcher shop you will be responsible for picking it up from the butcher shop. It will be frozen, packaged in vacuum sealed bags, with detailed labels including the cut, and in a Cardboard box with your name. We have 8 goats available. Our goats are expected weight 25-38 lbs. To purchase a whole butchered goat send a down payment of $250 via cash (in person), check (via mail/in person) or venmo and the rest of the payment will be made before picking up your meat once we have the exact weight of the goat you are purchasing. The total price can range from $324.75 (25lb) to $493.62 (38lb) maybe a little higher or lower all depending on the weight of the goat.

Thank you SO much for supporting our small local biodynamic farm. We are thrilled to feed you from our passion and creativity. So many local farmers were supported in raising these beautiful Saanen goats. Tupps crossing farm, Buttercup mountain farm, Bradford Hay and Mark the local slaughter. Thank you all!

Buen Provecho!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me


mailing address:

Ariana Wild

5 Crossroad

West Topsham, VT


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Ezra Mount-Finette
Ezra Mount-Finette
Jun 19, 2023

Amazing! I’ll have to talk to AM and some friends!

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