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Taking Farm-to-Table to New Heights: A Goat Roast in Vermont's Mountains on The Wild Farm

It was a cool October day, we woke early to slaughter the goat for the feast, make the fire and begin the slow and ancient process of fire cooking a whole goat. With prayers, intentions and offering of thanks made we began the process. For many folks it was their first time witnessing and helping process an animal from a living breathing animal to a nourishing meal in one day. I was so grateful and inspired by the willing hands and support. To share this knowledge with those eager to learn is a great gift. Jesse and Lucia had the vision for this beautiful event and together we made it happen. They fire cooked all the food and curated the menu. With their hard work and love for their craft the food was cooked with excellence and love. Jesse is very talented and looking to expand his fire cooking offerings follow his craft here at @theshepardshearth. Children ran around the farm laughing and making up games, their cheeks and fists full of fire-roasted food. Everything on the table came from our local community. We had beef from our friend's cow, meats marinated with miso, and koji from incredible Nicholas of @goenfermentedfoods. Chicken and goat meat from our farm, veggies from local farms, Vermont cheeses and breads, pesto, chimichurri, donuts from the best @localdonutvt, and mulled apple cider. There were so many delicious things, and everyone brought something to contribute to the abundance of the harvest.

My dear friend Erica documented the event so we can have these beautiful timeless photographs of the day capturing the old ways, village life and people gathered from near and far sharing the abundance of the harvest. Thank you @lunamunn you are the best.

Gathering together to share food, stories and laughter left us all feeling nourished in a deep way. We hope to continue offering these special feasts here on the farm for our community.

The sky was overcast and gray but the fires burned bright and our eyes glistened radiant with the light of celebration. Smoke drifted through the land rich with delicious flavors. Sweet potatos roasted along side carrots and melted cheeses accompanied by local breads. Thank you to everyone who helped. It was truly a community effort. We look forward to filling our hearts and bellies again soon with you all.


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