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Fire and Ice Workshop

Next weekend we will be having this event. Michael McCarthy from Boston, MA will be leading us through a wellness workshop of Fire and Ice. The benefits of cold water and sauna are endless, some benefits are improved immune system, improves sleep, anti inflammatory, and mood boosting effects. Mike says what he loves most about what he does is “helping people find peace in challenging situations”. There will be guided breathwork, ice baths for cold plunging, a sauna tent and cacao drinks served by our friends at Prophecy Chocolate. This event will be outdoors and in our tipi. The tipi will be a cozy hangout space for everyone with a fire in the center. Bring warm clothes to be comfortable outside, bathing suit, a towel, water bottle, and flip flops. We will have a group potluck at the end of the workshop, feel free to bring something to add to the feast. The address will be provided after a ticket is purchased. We look forward to seeing you here at The Wild Farm!

West Topsham, VT


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