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Romeo the Horse

We were expecting a second horse on the farm this winter, so we stocked up on enough hay for two horses. We are going to adopt a second horse but decided to wait. Then our neighbor fell in love with a sweet 5 year old gelding named Romeo. Delighted we offered to board Romeo here on our farm. To say Romeo is Liane’s dream come true is an understatement. He is the horse she has been waiting for since she was a little girl. Now in her 50’s she is living out her lifelong dream for her horse companion. What a gift it is to see their connection and support her vision. He came to the farm in late February. Liane and her Husband have been amazing help taking care of the horses. Now our horses have so much extra love and support from our friends/neighbors. Romeo has been therapeutic for Liane. In the morning before work she walks the snowy path from her home to the horse barn watching the pink clouds light up the sky and the trees heavy with snow. Often after work she comes to the barn to brush Romeo and give him lots of love and treats. Thunder and Romeo can be seen walking up into the pasture, eating hay side by side, and resting in the barn together. Thunder might not want to admit it, but we think he likes the company.


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