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We have had the honor of hosting so many incredible people through the WWOOF program. Randy came to our farm in May of 2022 with his help the farm thrived and we were able to accomplish so much more then we thought possible. Randy is kind, caring and funny! He kept us laughing and smiling the whole time he was on our farm ( a little over a month). He is a hard worker on the farm and a chef in the kitchen! What a treat is was to have delicious food cooked for me for a change! Randy always jumped into any projects he saw needed attention. He came to the farm as a stranger and quickly became our family. Randy is continuing his farming journey learning from farms all over the country to gain new skills and insights. A goal of his is to create a sustainable intentional community. We look forward to the next time he comes to the farm! Thank you Randy for being you and being a part of our farm.

In the paragraph below Randy shares about his experience on the farm ..

"Most of us are raised on fairytales as children. As we get older and take on more societal responsibilities we lose touch with our imaginations and ability to believe in such fairytales. My month stay at The Wild Farm was proof that fairytales are real! There's magical places tucked away, waiting for you to find your way there and help you believe again. I really can't say enough good things about Ariana and her fantastical farm. My expectations of what I wanted to learn and experiences I wished to have were quickly met and exceeded ten fold. To be almost 40 yrs old and have so many "firsts" is amazing. I learned to milk goats, build a bee box, used chainsaws and other power tools to build wooden walkways for the forest trails as well as trail maintenance and marking the path, weeded and planted in several garden beds, planted trees, swam in lakes and was introduced to so many amazing, like minded people and learned so much about Vermont in general! This being only my second Wwoofing experience, I feel so lucky to have stayed here. Ariana is truly an incredible person with so much knowledge and life experience and an openess to learn as well. We ate great food, had amazing conversations and got alot accomplished! The sunflower cabin I stayed in was super comfortable and I would encourage anyone who is willing to work hard and learn how to run a farm to put Wild Farm as a top priority! Thank you Ariana for everything! I will be back to visit without a doubt!"


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