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Winter Wonderland on Horseback

Today, I took our horse Thunder out for a ride! It’s a gift for both of us to spend time in the forest, enjoying the beauty of the quiet world around us. I ride Thunder bareback (no saddle) and it really helps me stay connected to him and his subtle movements. I can lean into his uphill steps and shift my weight to always be in a balanced position. It's a dance of communication. It seems to create a deeper connection, a sense of presence and alertness. While riding through the forest, I have to be careful to duck under tree branches and dodge evergreens boughs covered in snow.

We began our ride behind the barns and up the hill to the lookout. With a little rise in elevation, we could see a beautiful vista of white velvet snow covering every inch of the landscape. The tipi was fully coated in snow and the mountains were glowing white with the dappled blue of a hardwood forest in the distance. Sitting up on my horse’s warm back I could see my little chalet with smoke rising out the chimney. The cabin windows glow with a warm welcoming light. The goats down below were eating hay with my Wolf keeping a watchful eye. I gave a soft command for Thunder to walk on and I whistled to Wolfie. She came running up the arch way in our direction to join us on our jaunt.

All the trees were covered in a beautiful coat of snow. Tall, majestic sugar maples were in front of us and in the background rolling mountains. Heaven on earth. There was nowhere else I’d rather be in the world. This is my place, right where I am meant to be. I'm supposed top be here with Thunder and Wolf running to join us while silent snowflakes fall on the land among animals I love so dearly. I felt so much peace and joy in this moment I couldn’t help but smile. We made our way into the forest and Thunder made a path through the fresh foot and a half of snow. Riding through the forest is not only good exercise for Thunder but it also helps mark the paths for guests to walk. We made our way through the Mushroom Forest and up the path felling a sense of awe in our winter wonderland. This experience gifts goodness to my soul— to be on a horse, riding through the forest, moving branches aside on an adventure. Feeling wild and free.


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