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A Bunch of Baby Bucks

About 5 days ago we welcomed a whole lot of new precious furry friends to the farm. 13 Saanen and 2 Lamancha goats. They are so happy and playful. After their bellies are full of milk you can see them running and jumping around. Isana loves to play with them encouraging them to follow and jump with her. Hand bottle feeding in the beginning with only 3 bottles was very chaotic and stressful. We made a bottle rack holder that has made our lives much easier. Thank goodness. Yesterday it was only me so I could only feed 2 at a time! Now our bottle rack holder feeds 10 goats in about a minute, contrary to my one-hour feeding. We like this system better than bucket feeding since we know exactly how much each kid gets. These precious bucks have already grown so much since we got them! We all look forward to springtime foraging walks through the forest.

Happy furry cuddles, pets and kisses after bottle feeding.

Goat pile!


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