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The Farm



We love sharing our 21 acre farm! Over the years we have hosted over 300 guests, community events, weddings, WWOOFers, and small concerts. Right now, we have a horse named Thunder, a dog named Wolf, kitty named Sage, and chickens!

The Cabin



Nestled against a hardwood forest and adjacent to perennial gardens, the Cabin has 2 queen beds, a wood stove, kitchen, and bathroom with a shower. Open the windows and let the summer breeze in, or light a fire and snuggle up with a sheepskin.

The Tipi



Get away from the hustle and bustle in our lodgepole pine tipi. This 18ft, organic cotton canvas nomadic living space sleeps 4 and has enough room for an indoor campfire. Sleeping in a tipi is special in itself. Listen to the birds, stargaze and connect with nature.

We're So Happy You're Here!

The Wild Farm is a place to be in harmony with nature. Go barefoot, smell the forest air, and mingle with our sweet creatures.

Let yourself unwind and simply be, wild.

This is my second stay here, and it managed to be even more magical than the first! Crossing the cabin threshold feels like coming home, no matter where "home" is. From petting the majestic white horse to bottle feeding baby goats, to meeting a stunning snake named Athena, my positive words for how it feels to be here could, in fact, fill a book. I encourage all to plan time here to be still and notice the quiet. Centering is the word that comes to mind. Thank you so much! 

—B. Lennox from Danville, NH

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